Tartalomcsoport kép
Tartalomcsoport kép
Tartalomcsoport kép
Tartalomcsoport kép
Tartalomcsoport kép

The best experts of various organizations such as highway administrative agencies, research institures, design and consulting companies, construction enterprises and local governments are participating in the activity of the Society, reflecting the wide scope of technical regulation problems and common interests.

The Society is preparing technical regulations within 30 working groups, in coordination with the executives of the highway administration and submits them for approval for use in the national highway network. At the same time - in accordance with the European practice - the guidelines are recommended to local governments.
In addition to the preparation of technical guidelines in the highway field, the Society has an exclusive right for the publication of such regulations.

The governing and representative bidies of the Society are:

  • the general assembly
  • the board
  • the control and supervision commitee
  • the sections
  • the working groups

The Society is represented by the president and the vice-president. The executive manager is responsible for the operation of the Society.

The present membership of about 500 persons is continuously increasing, there are also 200 legal entities as members.

We are happy to see the extending international links of the Society.


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